Hello Again…

Designer4aDay has moved from New York to South East North Carolina!  

Transplanted, relocated, renewed, transformed, and evolved, Designer4aDay’s design history and experience inform its reinvention. 

Still available to consult for an hour or a day, or be involved in projects that entail new construction management, choosing finishes for new builds, and/or helping with combining the old with the new for all of those people relocating to our seacoast community. 

It is no small task to reinvent “the look”. And buying new furniture is not for the weak of heart. The lead times are huge, the price tags astonishing, and how do you choose?

After nearly two years here in my new home, I think I’ve got it. There are so many ways to accomplish what seems to be impossible. Window treatments don’t have to take 4 months. A new sectional sofa might be just sitting in a Consignment shop. Consignment shops don’t only have used products, they have brand new, high-end seating, etc. It’s all about knowing where and how.

Let’s shop together. Let’s create a plan, establish a budget, and go shopping. We can even hang photos and art together. And don’t forget lighting. You’d be amazed by the quality and low prices you can find in the most unusual places.

I’m looking forward to shopping with you. It’s almost my favorite thing to do. My favorite thing to do is see a finished room or project and know that it is exactly what my client wanted. Your home should always reflect you. I’m only a guide to awaken your excellent taste and do it within your budget.

Contact me today and let’s start that project you’ve been dreaming of!