Tiny Tweaks

I’m immersed in Tiny Tweaks right now. From introducing a new color into an otherwise established design to breaking my own design rules.

Introducing a New Color

For those of you who saw my posts about “New Rug, New Room”, you saw that the rug had a lot of blue in it. The established colors in the room, a dining room, are pale yellow to brown – all warm, nothing cool. How to incorporate the cool blue into this “earthy” room? I start with bringing the blue to eye level. In the photos you’ll see that the cabinet knobs, the paint accent on the side board, and a cabinet in the room are all green. Each of these elements will be washed with blue. See the knob that has a darker, slightly blue hue? It’s working! Not only new rug, new room but new colors, new room. And cool blue seems to work well with warm earth tones.



Breaking Rules

Breaking a rule. I was taught in design school that ceilings must always be white. There are thousands of whites and I’ve been known to use softer or harder ones to compliment a wall color. Now, stuck with a poor tape job on a ceiling, not only are all the walls Benjamin Moore’s “Roasted Coffee Beans”, but the ceiling is as well. Wow, who knew? A small powder room got a make over with only a change of paint color. Walls, trim, and ceiling are all a rich warm brown. The result is stunning! I’m going to break some other hard and fast design rules. I’ll let you know as I break them.



Tiny Tweaks have tiny price tags. In these cases, without the cost of the rug, the only cost is the paint and the price of a consultation. Paint, DIY!