Let’s pretend we come across the Jasper Table Lamp pictured here.

Jasper Table Lamp. $1,727.00. L.A. Design Concepts.

It is “smashing”! A beautiful Far Eastern-flavored Blue and White Ginger Jar styled table lamp with a white shade. It’s quite traditional but would certainly compliment any décor; transitional, contemporary, and certainly eclectic. (See my website glossary for definitions). We “fall in love” with the lamp and get a memo. The memo will tell us the list or retail price of the lamp. Ouch! Really? Yes, really. We walk out of the showroom dejected and wishing for a lottery win. But there is a silver lining.

The “Silver Lining”

Sarah Blue and White Ceramic Urn Table Lamp. $149.99. Lamp’s Plus.

Or should I say the approximately $1,500 that will remain in your pocket! See the Sarah Blue and White Ceramic Urn Table Lamp? This lamp retails for, at this moment in time, $149,99. It is on sale with Lamp’s Plus. The regular price is $229.00. And it looks enough like the Jasper Table Lamp to be a close cousin. Used in the very same space you had in mind for the Jasper, the Sarah will more than do.

On a showroom tour ideas flow, examples of the finest fabrics, furniture, carpets, lighting, and accessories are all there for you to see. And if you see something that you absolutely must have and the price tag makes you feel faint, keep in mind, you can get the look for less.