The popular fiction that one has to be “wealthy” to hire an interior designer or decorator has been debunked with the advent of Houzz. We’re out there providing information and advice freely and without compensation every day. Magazines, both on-line and in print, can be a guide to accomplishing a well-designed and serviceable space. There isn’t a room or space in a home that hasn’t been the focus of articles and endless photos. These articles and photos act as a blueprint for getting the job done.

We, designers and decorators, have had to re-invent ourselves to accommodate the current flood of information so that we would have a place in the home decorating and design world. Even the task of moving a wall, or changing the basic structure of a house have become DIY projects. The savviest among us still do know to call a professional when needed but it’s up to us, the professionals, to offer direction about what kind of project requires the skills of an architect, interior designer, structural engineer, electrical designer/lighting designer, and the like.

There are many ways to define what a designer or decorator does. I can only speak with any authority to what I can offer. Designer4ADay is just that, a designer for a day, or an hour, or the many hours a project may take. I offer staging to prepare a home for sale, a day or more of shopping or browsing in “To the Trade only” venues, consultation and direction about using and re-using what you already own, where to put what you own, and what to get rid of. You don’t have to buy a thing but my time. Take me shopping with you to choose new or old furniture. You may save a ton of money, and you’ll have the comfort of an objective opinion. Not only can I “see” space but I can also use a tape to excellent advantage, I never leave home without one.