An interior design show room tour offers not only an opportunity to see, but also an opportunity to touch and feel. You need to be there, to be there. To be there you need to go there.  Once there, the tactile experience, that is the experience of being connected by the sense of touch, overtakes the vocal and visual signals as the tactile signals intensify.  With an eye for the new and different, and the tried and true, a showroom tour is a treat for the senses – and “I can get it for your wholesale”.  Even if you have no intention of buying a thing, visiting the showrooms is a treat in itself. 

The next scheduled tours are November 20th and 21st. Yes, there will be two. Demand is high!  If requested there will be an individual tour available on November 14th. 

Don’t forget the launch on November 4th, 2 – 4 P.M. Clinton Vineyards in Clinton Corners, NY.