What a weird time this is. The real estate market is so hot that asking prices mean only where to begin. There is an extraordinary migration – North to South, East to West, and everywhere in between. People selling homes need staging services and advice about how to unload unwanted furniture and accessories. People buying homes need help coordinating old with new and navigating purchasing new furniture.  How? Well, call a professional. That’s me, or, do it yourself. Whatever you choose to do you still need to combine old with new.

You’ve moved to another geographical location. Weather is different from what you’ve experienced for a good part of your life. Everything you own fits your current lifestyle. The new lifestyle may include warmer or hot weather, coast or mountains, and less formality. People in the know tell you to get rid of everything and start fresh. Sounds like a great idea. Less to move, “out with the old”. Not so easy.

Here we are. Let’s get a sofa and a couple of chairs, beds, dining table and storage. Okay, go shopping. Find what you want, swallow hard at the prices, and nearly faint when you hear that you’ll wait between 7 and 30 weeks for delivery. You can do better with mattresses – 2 to 12+/- weeks. Everyone needs a bed though not necessarily a headboard or dressers. At least not right away. 

There are solutions!  Consignment shop shopping for example. It’s hard to imagine the breadth and quality of the choices. The lead times are a matter of hours or days. There are consignment shops with such varied inventories that I could furnish an entire house in a few hours, including outdoor furniture. 

 Here are some examples of consignment shop finds – And some examples of new seating from an established mid-priced manufacturer. 

Modern grey sofa, brand new, 86” W x 40”D x 35”H, $850.00
Source: Home Again Consignments in Wilmington, NC

This photo is of two Grey/Ivory accent chairs, consigned, $225.00 Each
Source: Home Again Consignments in Wilmington, NC

Coffee table, Capiz drum, same source – $375.00. And then from the fabulous to the, well, just as fabulous – a sectional sofa from Arhaus – upwards of $7,000 and a 7-12  week lead time in a stock fabric or 12+ weeks in a fabric of your choice. Stock fabrics tend to be grey/neutrals.
Source: Home Again Consignments in Wilmington, NC

Source: Home Again Consignments in Wilmington, NC

The styles are not “apples to apples” but you get the idea. There are many ways to furnish. With guidance, you can have the best of all possible worlds!

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