Tiny Tweaks

Happy New Year! How is it that once the new year has begun and the bright lights of the Holiday Season are behind us, everything looks dull?  Time for change – let’s start with a “tiny tweak”.

Let’s take a tour – through your house. Start with the living room. Just stand there and look around. Pretend you’re a guest looking at this room for the very first time. What do you see? Would you be surprised if I told you that if you move the furniture around, maybe repaint, and add some colorful pillows and art you could have a “new room”? Believe it! Tiny Tweaks, what I call quick fixes, can renew a space that would dazzle even you, and it’s your own home.

Need to add texture and color? Throw a throw! This one is at The Millbrook Antique Center.

Where to begin? Think proportion, color, and ease of use. Whether you’re a minimalist, or you luxuriate in an abundance of prints, and textures, art and artifacts – you can make the old look new again.

Add a lamp! Calger Lighting is my “go to” for lamps.

Can’t quite figure out how to begin? Ask a professional. Did you know that you can hire a design consultant for as little as an hour? A day? or for an entire project? If you think that working with a professional to decorate your home is only for the very rich, or terribly inept, think again. You’d be surprised by what you can do in an hour. Try a tiny tweak. Treat yourself to a “quick fix”. Call me..

Pillows make the bed!

And if you’d like to see all the design elements you can imagine, displayed in the most imaginative ways; ways that you can adapt for your own spaces – take a tour with Designer For A Day.

A Day In The Life…

Our launch on November 4 was great – great people, great venue, (Clinton Vineyards) www.clintonvineyards.com, great wine, and great food. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all of those that sent best wishes.

A tour snapshot:  My tour day started at 6 A.M. –  met at Grand Central in NYC at 10, (note: we can meet at one of the showroom buildings), walked to the D & D Building, www.ddbuilding.com  at 979 3rd Ave, and went from showroom to showroom – coffee here, tea there, lots of conversation with total strangers who suddenly become friends. Fabrics, some pretty funky wallpapers, and some horrendously expensive ones as well. Lighting fixtures, and rugs. Rugs that would make you cry to walk on, chairs that we collapsed in, and ideas that could fill a house. And lunch. And more till, drooping, we all went home. This never gets old. I have an eye for the new different, an appreciation for the tried and true, and the ability to pull it together and share it. And I can get it for you wholesale!  Showrooms visited:  Kravet, www.Kravet.com  Fortuny, www.fortuny.com THG Paris, www.thg-paris.com   Warp & Weft, www.warpandweft.com  Studio Zen Wallcoverings, www.studiozenwallcoverings.com  Forbes & Lomax, www.forbesandlomax.com  Knoll, www.knoll.com Clarence House, www.clarencehouse.com (Artist Kazumi Yoshida shows here, www.kazumiyoshida.com), and more.  And then as a treat to myself I visited Holiday House at the Academy Mansion. Holiday House New York, www.holidayhousenyc.com celebrates 10 years of exquisite designs created by the top interior designers in the industry while supporting the fight against breast cancer.  What a couple of days!

Stay tuned for new scheduling. Visit D4AD on Facebook and Instagram.  Happy Holidays!



An interior design show room tour offers not only an opportunity to see, but also an opportunity to touch and feel. You need to be there, to be there. To be there you need to go there.  Once there, the tactile experience, that is the experience of being connected by the sense of touch, overtakes the vocal and visual signals as the tactile signals intensify.  With an eye for the new and different, and the tried and true, a showroom tour is a treat for the senses – and “I can get it for your wholesale”.  Even if you have no intention of buying a thing, visiting the showrooms is a treat in itself. 

The next scheduled tours are November 20th and 21st. Yes, there will be two. Demand is high!  If requested there will be an individual tour available on November 14th. 

Don’t forget the launch on November 4th, 2 – 4 P.M. Clinton Vineyards in Clinton Corners, NY.




What can designer4aday, D4AD, do for you?

  1. Curate – cull and select with a discerning eye and great taste
  2. Make the unapproachable approachable
  3. Make the unaffordable affordable (discounts, look a likes)!
  4. Make a design novice feel like a pro
  5. Make shopping till you drop an adventure
  6. Make home decoration, design – even construction and renovation easier.
  7. Make preparing a home for sale, staging a home, preparing a home for a party a breeze



Designer4ADay – Launch Party

To all of my friends, followers, fellow shoppers and lovers of beauty


 Sat., Nov. 4, 2 – 4 PM at Clinton Vineyards, 450 Clinton Corners Schultzville Rd., Clinton Corners, NY 12545


RSVP by Nov.1 robi@designer4aday.com